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Over 50 years of combined experience in concept design and execution of Murals, Trompe L'oeil and Faux Finishes.

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italy mural

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Gulfscapes Magazine

Patrick Richards- A Moment of Architectural Detail
Gulfscapes Magazine Vol.5, No.20

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Patrick Richards- A Moment of Architectural Detail
Gulfscapes Magazine Vol.5, No.20

Architectural Details was created with the intent to transmute the mundane into the spectacular. The kaleidoscopes of colors that swirl around us are often lost in the blur of a hectic schedule. Creative excellence can return the wonder of the present moment as one pauses to reflect. Architectural Details is dedicated to surrounding its clients with the choice of colors and images that create such reflections by transforming personal or work space into a positive and uplifting experience of detail.

Created in 1994 by Patrick Richards, Architectural Details is a company of fine artists and craftsmen that engender the visual enhancement of all forms of architecture. Founder and owner Patrick Richards got the idea as an apprentice for the famous muralist Richard Haas. Primarily working on external projects Patrick had a vision of bringing murals to the interior of people?s homes.

After traveling extensively with his family in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Patrick was inspired to bring some of the wondrous art he had experienced back to his own country. Upon graduating from Sam Houston State, he embarked on his career as a fine artist through sculpture and other medias. In 1991 Patrick?s first opportunity at professional painting came on a $500,000 project in Huntsville, Texas. That Richard Haas project was to transform the decaying downtown area into a tourist?s delight. Soon after that experience he took a creative leap and started Architectural Details in Fredericksburg, Texas in 1994. Working out of Stonewall, a small town on the outskirts of Fredericksburg, Patrick and his colleagues traveled throughout Texas and one of the places they alighted was Corpus Christi.

The trip to Corpus Christi inspired them so much they moved their studio permanently. The transition became a match made in heaven. After helping La Bahia Mexican Restaurant in downtown Corpus Christi get a new start, Patrick was inundated with offers to perform his services. In the past few years Corpus Christi?s hospitality has kept Architectural Details close to its new home. You can see some of Architectural Details work at the Omni Bayfront, Small Planet in Lamar Park, Dr. Kennedy?s Dental Practice on Saratoga and at Grant and Kaffie Middle Schools. Architectural Details mastery also adorns many local residences notably on Hewit and Ocean Drive, in King?s Crossing and at the Great Lakes. Now Patrick and Architectural Details have found a way to travel without leaving the Corpus Christi area. The newest innovation, Wallcanvases, provides the same quality and beauty of murals but can be produced in Architectural Details Studio and shipped anywhere for installation.

Architectural Details is not just Patrick Richards. Along the way Patrick has recruited other talented artists to help him with his vision. Working from his studio, lovingly nicknamed the ArtPharm in Corpus Christi, Patrick and his team continue to delight those who appreciate the finer touches in their lives. The other artists currently residing and working from the ArtPharm are: Kathryn Jones who honed her skills in Florida, internationally known artist Darren Evans who hales from Wales in the United Kingdom and has created murals and decorative finishes worldwide and Billy Culver, a woodworker/musician from right here in Corpus Christi.

Architectural Details has developed some of its own processes for beautifying homes and businesses while keeping to a tight budget. Some of the most popular include hand painted floors for around $5 a square foot, customized switch plates to match tile backsplashes and marble countertops, and conversion of brick fireplaces into stone and marble finishes at a fraction of the real cost of construction. These add to their normal repertoire of faux finishes, Parisian plaster, glazing and murals that have made Architectural Details what it is today. Please take a look at our pictures and visit our website for more examples of our work.

* *A.D.Wallcanvases can also be commissioned through Architectural Details or local interior designers.
*We invite you to invite us to be a part of creating your personal vision of beauty that the attention to details should reflect.
Over 50 years of combined experience in concept design and execution of Murals, Trompe l?oeil, and Faux Finishes.
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